Simple WooCommerce Product Bundle Plugin Guide

Simple Woocommerce Product Bundle is a plugin that allows you to create packages of offers on two or more products, making them visible both in the product sheet and in the cart.

Create offers on your WooCoommerce product reccomending offers related or totally different from the product the user is viewing.

Simple WooCommerce Product Bundle Free Version

Installation Simple WooCommerce Product Bundle

You can download the free version of the plugin directly from the WordPress depository: DOWNLOAD FREE VERSION


You can download the plugin directly from your WordPress site. Click on “Plugin” and “Add New” and search: Simple Product Bundle.

Activate the Bundle on the product

Once you have activated the plugin go ahead and proceed to modify a product. In the Product Data section of WooCommerce you will notice a new item on the menù: Create Offer.

By clicking on this section you can activate and proceed to set up your bundle.


Activating the Bundle on the product

By checking the “Activate Bundle” item, the offer will activated and published on the product sheet that you are modifying.

Title of the Bundle

You can customize the title that will be visible above the product offer. You can customize the title for each bundle you create within your products.

Bundle product selection

You can select all the products that are published in your WooCommerce. You can also decide the order.


What happens when a product that is part of the Bundle is out of stock?

The plugin checks the stock status of the products continuously. If a product is out of stock and is no longer available, the bundle will automatically deactivate and in the backend of your product will appear an allert saying which product is finished.


Activating the discount on the Bundle

In addition to activating the bundle, you can also decide wether to offer a discount on the total amount of your offer. This is very useful for drawing the attention to an offer regarding the product the user is visiting (“Often bought together”)…

You can decide wether to activate the percentage discount on your offer.

Simple WooCommerce Product Bundle PRO Version

By purchasing the PRO version of the Simple WooCommerce Product Bundle plugin you will be able to use various functionalities that are not included in the free version.

This version of the plugin is compatible with multi-language sites and with the plugin (WPML – Polylang).

Accessing the Options Panel

With the PRO version you have access to the options panel that allows you to further customize your bundle.

  • Use the shortcode [simple-bundle] for placing the bundle wherever you like
  • Change the title of the bundle offer
  • Change the text inside the button
  • Customize the colors of the bundle product titles
  • Set the bundle color
  • Change the style of the bundle
  • Customize the style of the prices of the bundle
  • Customize the color of the + sign
  • Customize the color of the = sign